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Zodiac Secrets of the Sensual Gemini Woman


You are among the people most likely to lead a double life.
Sensual Gemini women are among the most secretive and enigmatic people on earth.

Have you ever wondered what makes you as fascinating as you are?
Well for starters… when you walk into a room, you bring an elusivequality that’s hard to define. Your smile is as intriguing as the Mona Lisa’s and there’s this amazing air of sensual mystery that surrounds you like a force field. You give the impression you are a woman of rare talents and deep insights. To others, you appear to have it all: good looks, style, confidence and an abundance of energy that keeps you looking younger and more in control than most women.

Fresh, Fascinating, Exciting and Impulsive
Hands down, you win the Sensual Zodiac award for: “The World’s Most Sexually Intriguing Personality.” What other women merely talk about doing…you’ve already done…and could easily write a book about (if you haven’t already done so). You are the only sign in the entire Sensual Zodiac who can be a great match for any of the other signs.

You truly have a gift for getting along with anyone.
Being around you is never boring. Spontaneity is your personal signature. If your brand of sex appeal was bottled as a perfume, it might be called “Unforgettable.” Why? Because it’s what you are.

And here’s another interesting fact about you…
You were never intended for the ordinary life. Your appetite for novelty, change and adventure keeps you moving at a breakneck pace. Freedom is your personal mission statement.

What attracts a Sensual Gemini woman?
Words are your mental aphrodisiac. You fall in love in your mind first and then your heart soon follows. Any lover who wants to attract and hold your attention must be a great conversationalist. Interesting is more important to you than looks ever will be. You want to live, breathe and exist on a consistent diet of sensual mental stimulation. Passionate mental foreplay is the fastest way to your bedroom door.

Sexually you are magnificent.
When you make love, it’s as if you fall into a trance. Your responsiveness is electric. One passionate kiss on the back of your knees melts you like butter and you begin to sizzle like a hot tamale.

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Sex Secrets of the Sensual Gemini Man

Ultimate Sensual Gemini Celebrity: Johnny Depp

Who’s the Sensual Gemini man?
He enters your life with a great sense of confidence and power. He wears his calm and self assurance easily and comfortably… like other men wear cologne. He is irresistible, independent, enigmatic as well as a roguish romantic who has a PhD in flirting.

He is the perfect combination of boyish charm meets masculine confidence.
He’s the eternal Peter Pan. His personality
is playful and yet he has a serious core. He is the ultimate paradox because of his ability to be disciplined without being rigid. He loves spontaneity, yet craves structure. He easily excels in business by being clever and tactful in negotiations and yet he is willing to spend large amounts of money in to finance his personal pursuits of novelty experiences or new forms of excitement.

Here’s the secret of his sexual power:
He is a master with words. He uses his verbal skills to create a subtle intoxication that very few women can resist. He knows (and uses) the right words at the right time to disarm and charm any woman. You can expect to be swept off your feet, dazzled by his wit, and wooed by soft sweet promises, that pour from his lips like wine or honey.

What attracts a Sensual Gemini?
You must now and forever give him stimulating conversation. In order for a Sensual Gemini to truly fall in love, there must be a seamless blending of spiritual, mental and physical. When all these forces line up together, your Sensual Gemini will take you on a wild ride through a landscape of ripe emotions.

How to attract and keep a Sensual Gemini Man:
If you think hot sex alone will do it, think again. Your Sensual Gemini is comfortable with the art of making love without being in love. Good sex is great and yet it’s not enough. Stimulate his imagination, engage his intellect and arouse his curiosity.

Three Rules For Keeping His Romantic Interest
1. Forget routines (routines are boring and boring is NOT allowed)
2. Don’t suffocate him (Freedom + Adventure = Eternal Happiness)
3. Constantly challenge his mind.

His deepest desire is…
Your undying admiration. To a Sensual Gemini – admiration is a drug. When he wakes up in the morning he wants to find you gazing at him with wide luminous eyes as if he was the only man on earth.

How to seduce your Sensual Gemini man:
Excitement, surprises, novelty, variety, multiple orgasms and Tantric. And, yet above all there is one thing this guy’s passionate about, and that is being entertained. For him, entertainment means to be challenged and to be kept guessing. Anything that arouses his curiosity is considered entertainment.

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(excerpted from “Your Sensual Zodiac” by Suzie Johnson)

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