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Oh, my gosh! This three-spot delight is the triple threat toy that puts other vibrators to shame. Why double your pleasure when you can triple it with the OMG (Item 1236 ● $138.00 US / Item 1236C ● $158.00 CDN)?
OMG features three separate motors with multiple speeds and functions that can provide a more customized experience for your satisfaction. With a three-prong design, OMG stimulates the clitoris, vagina and anus simultaneously for a thrilling and adventurous experience. It’s perfect for the woman or couple who is ready to take intimate sensuality to a whole new level.

1236 OMG
OMG features:
•    10” length, 1 1/2″ diameter shaft
•    Three separate motors: shaft, and clitoral and anal stimulators
•    Soft-to-the-touch shaft features three rows of internal beads
•    Eight levels of shaft rotation
•    Eight speeds of vibration in anal and clitoral stimulators
•    Slim, slender anal stimulator featuring pleasure nubs
•    Water resistant construction

Using OMG:
Use lubricant on each pleasure prong of OMG for a more pleasurable and comfortable experience. Both water-based and silicone lubricants can be used with OMG.

Experiment with every level of rotation and vibration to find the style of pleasure that works best for you.

Operation Instructions:
Press On/Off button to turn OMG on. LED indicator light is red when product is on. Press On/Off button to turn product off.

The bullet-shaped motors in the clitoral and anal stimulators are activated simultaneously.

Remove batteries when not in use.

Battery Instructions:
OMG requires three AA batteries. To insert batteries, begin by twisting the cap. Pull the red string to remove the battery pack. Insert batteries two (+) up, one (+) down as indicated. Align battery pack with toy ridge. Tighten cap.

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  1. absolutely loving the omg….cant wait to purchase it to show!!! i had planned on purchasing it as soon as i saw it but in the last two weeks i purchased my kit and then placed another order to add to it for $350…so got some parties booked…will have to hopefully buy it with what i make off these parties…because isure can’t wait to show it off

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