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10 Products for a Valentine’s Day to Remember

Feb 05

After you’ve gotten all dressed up and enjoyed a lavish, romantic dinner; after you’ve exchanged loving cards and opened a box of your favorite chocolates, favorite perfume and/or displayed your bouquet of fresh, fragrant flowers; there’s only one thing left to do: Head to the bedroom. Grab one or grab them all. These 10 products are sure to help you make it a Valentine’s Day night to remember. Pure Satisfaction: For many couples, there’s a lot of buildup on Valentine’s...

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Cotton Candy-Flavored Lovin’

Dec 09

We are a cotton candy loving nation. And really, what’s not to love? It’s a big ball of sugar on a stick. We love cotton candy so much that we celebrate all that cotton candy has to offer not just once a year, but twice! National Cotton Candy Day falls on July 31 and then again on December 12. Cotton candy is great on a warm summer day and comforting on a brisk winter day. But here at Passion Parties, we say why not skip the sugar surge and opt instead for some cotton...

Relationships and Sex Tips and Ideas

Make His Oral Dreams Come True

Nov 13

Fellatio is like chocolate lava cake. When done right, it leads to an explosive finale that’s sweeter than heaven. But, unlike the sumptuous dessert, an incredible BJ boasts far fewer calories. And, “comes” with rewards. Yes, ladies… When you make his oral dreams come true, your man will want to return the favor – all night long! But, what if you are among those who find the act of performing oral sex to be intimidating, grueling or above your sexual IQ? Well, the following...

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Add a Little Decadence to Your Day on National Dessert Day

Oct 10

Most of us don’t need a reason to indulge in desserts, but having an excuse certainly doesn’t hurt. So, with National Dessert Day on October 14, we actually have a completely valid reason to give in to our favorite sweet treats. In a perfect world, National Dessert Day would mean dessert for breakfast, dessert for lunch, dessert for dinner, and you guessed it, dessert for dessert. Could you imagine? That may have just described the perfect day. But regardless of if you’re...

Relationships and Sex Tips and Ideas

5 Date Ideas for an Amorous Autumn

Oct 09

During the autumn months, it’s as if Mother Nature has put on her red lipstick and heels… The rich colors, perfect balance of spicy and sweet, and titillating breeze make this time of year beyond irresistible! Savor this oh-so-sexy season with our five date ideas. 1. Bake a pumpkin pie. Sweet apple pie might be the all American dessert staple. However, when it comes to turning your man on, autumn’s favorite treat wins hands-down! According to a recent...

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